Recovery and Healing: photography exhibit

Sunday, October 1, 2017 to Sunday, October 29, 2017
2nd Floor Display T-Walls
This display is a photo journey of Sandy Vopalka's healing and recovery process from childhood abuse, neglect, and parental domestic violence. Vopalka started taking photographs in high school and as a way to preserve events and activities. In the late 90's a friend told her, "Each artist finds a project that becomes their lifetime work and changes the way they see and present their art." In 2005, Vopalka found the concept of photographing simple items. She began shooting them from a new mindset, and continues to present day. The first photographs are presented very realistically. After years of talk therapy including work on PTSD and spiritual healing, the photographs are now fun and creative. Vopalka is grateful to have found the right space, time, and love to learn how to trust and have fun. This community display was created by Sandy Vopalka.
Group Name: 
Sandy Vopalka


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