Geodes! Iowa’s Mysterious State Rock


Wednesday, June 27, 2018 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm
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Ray Anderson from the Cedar Valley Rocks and Minerals Society will be here share the secrets of this most mysterious of rocks.

Say the word Geode and most people picture a hollow rock with crystals in side. Iowa geodes are lumpy round or oval shaped rocks that looks kind of like lumps of cauliflower. Most are two to six inches across, although a few geodes larger than thirty inches have been found. Geodes can be hollow, with only a thin layer of crystals, or filled solid with crystals – or anywhere in between. Quarts and Calcite are the most common types of crystals, but at least 25 different minerals have been found in Iowa geodes. Geodes can be found in many places in the United States, but they are the official State Rock of Iowa! The most prized geodes with the largest variety of minerals are found in Mississippian rocks in the Keokuk area, the fabulous “Keokuk Geodes.” Geologists are still not certain how these beautiful and mysterious geologic wonders form. We will discuss Iowa geodes, and geodes from other areas, how they may have formed, and see photos and real specimens of some beautiful examples. Who knows, we may even crack a few open to discover the treasures inside.

This program is part of ICPL's 2018 Adult Summer Reading Program

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Beth Fisher
Cedar Vally Rocks & Minerals Society
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Ray Anderson


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360 Minutes
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