Popo's Puppet Festival


Saturday, October 22, 2016 - 12:00pm to 4:30pm
Meeting Room A
Meeting Room B
Meeting Room C

At noon join us for the Parasol Puppets performance of The Teeny Tiny Woman and Other Halloween Tales. In the audience participation version of an old English folk tale, the teeny tiny woman takes a teeny tiny walk, finds a teeny tiny bone, and suddenly her teeny tiny house echoes with the cry, "GIVE ME MY BONE!"

At 2:30 Popo's Halloween Show will provide local talent and humor. As usual Popo will have you laughing so hard it's scary!

At 3:30 watch the best shadow puppet show in the land with Sea Beast Puppetry. In this exciting adventure we see the hero get lost in the shadow! Will she ever be saved?

Stick around for crafts or put on your own puppet show with our Children's Room collection of puppets. Local sensation Popo the Puppet is back for more Halloween puppet action. This year we are hosting a Popo Puppet Festival in three acts from noon to 3pm. Come to one or stay for all three. Short intermissions between acts will allow you to use the library, eat lunch, or play with puppets and make puppet crafts. This show is for children of all ages.

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Contact Information

Library Contact: 
Mari Redington


Setup Time Before: 
45 Minutes
Cleanup Time After: 
45 Minutes


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